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Fangde Menda has successfully developed a novel human T cell activator, whose main properties include:核心技术平台(图1)
① T cell activation activity comparable to anti-CD3 / anti-CD28 magnetic beads核心技术平台(图2)

② Promote efficient T cell transduction at low viral dose (MOI = 1)

③ Selective expansion of car + CD8 + cells


④ Without separating magnetic beads, the production process is simplified and the safety is increased

⑤ It gets rid of the dependence and use restrictions on the import of magnetic bead reagents

Comparison between fandemenda T cell activator and similar products


Lentivirus vector is the most mature, safest and widely used T cell transgenic tool. Its yield and quality have always been one of the bottlenecks restricting the preparation, production and clinical effect of cart cells. After two years of technical breakthrough, Fangde Menda team has realized the following bottom process innovation in standardized and large-scale lentivirus production.

Main advantages:

(1) Serum free production of clinical grade lentivirus vector;

(2) The dosage of clinical lentivirus vector meeting 100-200 people can be obtained by single batch production.

Lentivirus production flow chart:

Lentivirus production dust cleaning workshop:核心技术平台(图6)
Among T cell subsets, CD8 + population is the main force to kill tumor cells. Therefore, improving the proportion of CD8 + Car + subsets in clinical cart cell products is one of the keys to the clinical efficacy of cart. Fangde Menda team has carried out molecular transformation on the commonly used lentivirus envelope protein VSVG and developed a lentivirus gene vector with significant specificity for CD8 + T cells for the first time. Its transduction efficiency ratio to CD8 + / CD4 + T cells exceeds 2:1.


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